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5 top hvac questions

Top 5 Questions About HVAC

When it comes to your heating and air conditioning, there is a lot to know and remember. You probably have many questions about HVAC systems and how they work, which practices are preferred, and how much you should be spending. Here at Complete Heating and Air Conditioning, we want you to feel like you have enough knowledge to make good decisions when it comes to your systems. So we tried looking at it from our customer’s point of view.  What are the Top 5 Questions About HVAC?

So to help you, we’ve come up with the top five questions about HVAC! Today we’ll give you Top 5 Questions About HVAC brief answers and in future posts we will delve into each topic more deeply. With these topics, we hope you will learn how to use and maintain your system, and know when it’s time to call professionals for your repairs.

Top 5 Questions About HVAC:

How long will my system last, and why should I replace my existing HVAC?

The lifetime of your system will depending on how well it has been maintained over the years. With proper maintenance and services your air conditioning unit will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, while your furnace will last 15-20 years. Replacing your system means getting a more advanced and efficient HVAC that can save you money in the long run.

What are the most common repair issues and what should I look for?

There is a myriad of things that could go wrong with your HVAC system. Your vents may be blasting cool air when it’s supposed to be hot, your electric bill may be too high, your thermostat might not be working properly, or there is water leaking from your unit. These examples are just a few of many. Most HVAC issues will be caused from poor maintenance practices. As you systematically check out your system you will see warning signs for minor and major repair issues.

Does spending money on regular maintenance really pay off?

We can unequivocally answer yes! Spending time and money on regular maintenance will pay off. As we have already mentioned, most repair issues happen because of poor maintenance practices. Doing your own maintenance and minor repairs will save you time and money in the long run. And when bigger issues arise, you’ll have the funds necessary to call a professional.

How can I reduce my expenses?

Conserving energy is a great way to reduce your monthly expenses for both your air conditioning and heating system. There are many ways to conserve energy. One example would be to take advantage of a programmable thermostat. The efficiently of your HVAC will also play a big part in your monthly bills.

What kind of system is right for me?

While forced air heat and central air are well known HVAC systems, there are other options like radiant heat and heat pump systems. To decide you’ll need to consider the cost, your contractor, and what size system you need.

We hope the Top 5 Questions About HVAC have been able to supply some answers for you. For other any other questions about HVAC that you may have, don’t hesitate to call Compete Heating and Air.

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Tips to stay warm without breaking the bank this winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year. The world is white around you, and the chill in the air seems to bring people together. Throw in some cozy blankets and a cup of hot cocoa and what’s not to love?

But staying warm during the cold months can come at a cost if you’re not careful. There are a few simple things you can do in the upcoming months to stay cozy in your home, without breaking the bank.

Before it gets too cold, make sure you seal off any leaks around doors and windows, and repair any cracks or gaps on the home’s exterior. Then, take a look at your thermostat settings.

  • Programming your thermostat effectively can help you save money and energy during the winter.Tips to stay warm without breaking the bank this winter
  • Many people keep their thermostat set at 72 degrees, but by lowering your thermostat even just 2 degrees you can save on utility bills and easily be just as comfortable. Consider programming your thermostat a few degrees cooler in the hours you are away from home as well. Utilize those slippers and cozy blankets previously mentioned to stay warm despite the changes to your thermostat.
  • Another tip is to switch the fan setting on your thermostat from “auto” to “on.” You may think this is a bad idea as it will use more electricity, but in the long run it will keep the air flowing in your home which will make the house as a whole more comfortable and avoid uneconomical extremes in temperature.
  • When you’re cooped up inside during the winter months, having your fan “on” will also keep the air circulating and filtered; that includes any particles, pollutants and allergens in the air.
  • You can also use your ceiling fans to circulate warm air near the ceiling by running the fan in a clockwise direction. Look closely at your fan to switch direction, and be sure to switch it back to counterclockwise in the summer months.
  • Many people think they can save money by closing air vents in unused rooms. But your furnace is going to keep pumping out air through your heating and air system, whether your air vents are open or not. This is true no matter what type of blower motor you have in your home. If registers are closed pressure will increase by making the duct system more restrictive, and pressure is not good.
  • Take some of the strain from your system by leaving the air registers open. Keeping the doors inside your home open will also enable your system to be more efficient, and your home will stay more comfortable.
  • If you have curtains or blinds, open them during the winter when the sun is shining. The sunlight will be a nice pick-me-up for your mood, and the heat created from the sun shining on the window will also be a pick-me-up for your utility bill. Keep your windows clear on the east side in the morning, and the west side in the evening. When the sun is not shining on your windows, keep them insulated by closing curtains or blinds to keep out the cold.

If you have an older HVAC system and would like to consider the benefits of installing a system with higher efficiency, or run into any problems with your heating this winter, be sure to contact Complete Comfort for friendly and quality service.