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Complete Heating & Air Conditioning

Salt Lake City AC Repair & Furnace Replacement Experts

Don’t Get Heated Up & Left in The Cold

Furnace Repair Services

If your furnace is malfunctioning, we’ll take a look at its blower motor and belts so that you don’t wake up cold.

Furnace Replacement

Unless your furnace breaks down completely, you may not know if it’s time to replace it. Let our pros inspect it.

Heating Services

Your heater should work reliably and efficiently to keep you warm and your bills low. We can keep yours running smoothly.

Heater Maintenance

Show your heater some TLC by allowing us to perform maintenance so that it can last over 15 years.

Air Conditioning

We can repair your air conditioning system by performing a tune-up to keep your family cool and bills inexpensive.

Air Conditioning Replacement

We can assess the condition of your air conditioner, and we’ll inspect your ducts to determine if a replacement is necessary.

Air Conditioning
Installation Services

We can install a new air conditioner to your home or business that has been designed and fitted for your property.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioner’s coils, filters, and fins need frequent maintenance for the unit to function efficiently and for years to come.

Salt Lake City HVAC Installation Company

Complete Heating & Air

Family owned and locally operated Heating and Air Conditioning company. We are your trusted source for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Furnace Repair services in Salt Lake City Utah.
These aren’t simply buzzwords that we use to market our business. These are the characteristics that make us unique. 

90 Day Parts &
Labor Guarantee

As an honest and hard-working company, we back our work and labor with a one year warranty.


Our premium service includes emergency repairs, routine inspection and maintenance, and air duct cleaning.

Family Owned Business

As a family-owned business, we know the needs of home and business owners throughout the Wasatch Front.

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergencies can pop up at any time, so we can make any repairs early morning or at night.

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Why Clients Love Us

Will Jordan at Complete Heating and Air is amazing! He is the owner and operator and you can tell. Amazing customer service!

Jason Ryser

Our air conditioner broke at 9pm on a Saturday night - we were expecting house guests the next day and the temperature for the week was going to be in the high 90's. Mike didn't hesitate to come over and check out the unit! He was able to fix it that night and it's worked better than ever since then! This is our 3rd time working with Complete Comfort and every time they have been more than fair in their pricing and incredible in regards to the work they do!

Sean Petersen

Will came out and did a great job. I need to have my AC repaired and he was the lowest quote. I am very pleased with his work. I recommend him to all of my friends.

Samuel Hoynacki

These guys (and gal) are awesome. They have come to my rescue many times. I called them about needing a new AC unit and they had it installed in two days. Thank you for your Herculean efforts! Seriously, you can't go wrong with this company.


Will was great. He did all he could to get my house cooled down. It was a lot of work, but he worked very hard. He was friendly, kind and courteous. He did great. He even cleaned up after himself. I will refer him out to other people.

Vickie Hansen

These guys are the best! My brother referred them to me and I'm really glad he did. I have worked with a few other companies in the past and honestly didn't have the best experience. Complete Heating & Air is very knowledgeable and it's evident they care for their customers. I would recommend them to anyone!

Skyler Ryser

I would highly recommend Complete Heating and Air. We had a new AC & Furnace installation done on an older home. Will was so professional and glad to answer all of our questions. He provided such great service, I highly recommend this company!!

Nikki A.

Wow.... theses guys are so awesome I will say it backwards-- woW!!! Will came out same day and found my error and made an obvious recommendation and after he was done we were pumping cold air all over my house 🎊🎉!!

Thanks again Will, you are awesome!!

Greg Ostler

Professional team! Very skilled and passionate about providing wonderful service for a very affordable price - they now have lifelong customers with us!

Jonathan Hallett

I had a wonderful experience with Complete Heating and Air. They were professional, took time to understand my questions and needs, and did the work quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend them.

Mike from West Jordan, UT

Michael Gregory

Salt Lake City Heating Repair Company

As a locally owned, family operated company, we provide a full range of HVAC sales, installation, repair and maintenance service for both homes and businesses in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding communities. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our highly trained professional staff has established our reputation for excellence. Whatever your Heater Repair needs may be, we are the heating and air conditioning specialists you can count on, day or night.

HVAC Repair

HVAC is the acronym for “heating, ventilation and air conditioning.” In most homes, particularly modern ones, HVAC is a “system” that works together. It includes state of the art technology that provides a comfortable environment in both homes and office. Utilizing mechanical engineering as well as best practices in thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics, it’s a complex system—and sometimes complex systems need repairs or replacement.

Routine maintenance is the key to optimizing an HVAC system, ensuring it works at the best possible standard while minimizing future costs. However, sometimes repairs are necessary. A reputable contractor is a must for HVAC repairs. This isn’t something a property owner should undertake as it can be very dangerous.

Salt Lake City Air Conditioning Repair

What are the Common Air Conditioning Problems in Salt Lake City?

Air Conditioning systems can be very complex and any part may need to be replaced. However, there are some common problems that may plague an air conditioner:

  •  Wiring gone bad: Wiring can simply wear out from years of use, or it may have been installed incorrectly. Either way, bad wiring is a serious hazard.
  • Refrigerant running low: This is a chemical which cools the air and is present in many systems. When refrigerant is running low, you might need to do more than just “topping it off.” It can be the sign of a leak, which requires immediate repairs.
  • Outside fan issues: It’s the job of the outside fan to move heat out of a building—and heat transfer doesn’t take place when the fan isn’t working.
  •  Outside unit issues: Contactor issues might come into play or a faulty thermostat might be the culprit. If the outside unit isn’t working, you’ll know right away as you’ll have zero power, but the root cause might be many things.

Frozen coils: Sometimes AC systems work too well. If there’s a frozen coil, that’s a sign of an airflow problem.

If you live near Salt Lake, you have a Salt Lake City Air Conditioning Service provider you can trust!

Professional Custom Work

When it comes to furnace and A/C repairs, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team specializes in fixing all types.

Fast Installations

You don’t want to spend valuable time worrying about the status of your furnace and A/C installation, so we’ll work in a timely manner.

Competitive Warranty

We have one of the best parts and labor warranties in Utah, so our services are backed by a one-year warranty.