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4 Little Known Facts About HVACs


HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are in 87% of homes in the U.S., which makes them more common than dishwashers and garages. These air regulating units provide many houses with comfort, but what else do you know about them? Today, we’re sharing a few little-known facts about HVACs from their roots to their current uses.

  1. President Hoover installed A/C in the Oval Office and President Roosevelt refused to use it.

    Though the first A/C unit was invented in 1902, it wasn’t installed into the White House until President Herbert Hoover requested it be installed into the Oval Office in 1929, just before the Great Depression. It was updated in 1934, during the heart of the Depression and the first term of President Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. He did not approve and refused to use the system during his time in the Oval Office.

  1. The word “furnace” has interesting roots.

    The etymology of the word “furnace” gives the word some different meanings. One of the roots is from the Latin word “fornax,” which means “oven”. Another root comes from the Old French word “fornais,” which translates to “flame of love”.

  1. Ventilation is good for your home and for your health.

    Ventilation supplies airflow in an enclosed space. Essentially, it provides fresh air inside your home. Besides preventing your house from being stuffy, it can have a lasting impact not only on your home but on your health. Ventilation prevents mold and bacteria growth, as it regulates the amount of moisture lingering in your home. It can also help to eliminate dust. All these factors can provide for a cleaner home and healthier living.

  1. It’s easier to sleep in a cool bedroom.

    According to, the ideal temperature for optimal sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees F. The body’s core temperature needs to drop to initiate sleep, keeping your bedroom a little cooler can help to start this process. For those that struggle with insomnia, it’s suggested that you try sleeping in a room with a cool and regulated temperature.