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4 Reasons Your Heating and Cooling Costs Are Through the Roof


A home’s heating and cooling costs are only as good as its HVAC system. A number of factors can impact the system’s efficiency, including the homeowner’s habits, the amount of insulation present, the age of the home, how it’s been maintained and so on. In other words, many variables impact the usage of heating and cooling, and in turn the monthly costs. Sometimes the problem is small enough that the energy consumption increases so slowly that homeowners do not realize it. Other times it’s been an issue from the beginning, but since the home heating and cooling costs have remained static, they are not questioned.

The No. 1 way to keep your heating and cooling in check is to have regular inspections of the HVAC system, appliances, roof, and electrical and gas systems. Homes overindulge in heating and cooling for a few common reasons. Here are the top offenders and how to get them in check before your next utility bill comes due:

1. Your furnace or boiler is not maintained.

Furnaces and boilers are in charge of heating your home. However, if they are not maintained, they may have leaks, be overworked, in need of repairs or simply on their last leg due to age. Schedule an inspection annually or biannually to make sure these workhorses have the care they need to perform at their full capacity.

2. Your air conditioner is on the rocks.

Whether you have central air or window units, homeowners rely heavily on their A/C during the sizzling summer months. However, if the wrong sized unit is installed or you have a leak, a clog or other problem, your air conditioner might be doing everything possible to perform — to the tune of a very high monthly bill. Get air conditioners checked early in the spring before you depend on them for dear life. This is how they get optimized.

3. You do not have the best conservation practices.

If you unnecessarily heat guest rooms, leave the heat or A/C on full blast while the house is empty, or allow big gaps in exterior doors for air to escape, your heating and cooling costs are going to get pretty high. You can take many steps to cut down on consumption and lighten your carbon footprint. Home automation systems help homeowners conserve energy, and something as simple as keeping unused rooms closed can make a big difference.

4. Your insulation could use a facelift.

Your home’s insulation, from the ceiling to the windows, can either trap the air you want or let it out. Insulating can be fast and cost effective, like applying an insulating film to windows. Look at your heating and cooling bills, then compare them month by month as you optimize insulation to see an immediate difference.

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