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4 Signs I Need An Air Conditioner Replacement


So, Think You Need and Air Conditioner Replacement?

How do you know you need to replace your AC? As the weather continues to heat up, this is a great question to ask yourself. If you think an air conditioner replacement is in your future, now is a great time to make that decision before you really start to depend on cool air for a comfortable summer. Here are four signs that it’s time to replace your AC.

  1. Age

The lifespan of an AC unit usually ranges from 10 to 15 years. Whether our system makes it all

the way to 15 or barley makes it to 10 before calling it quits will depend greatly on the care of your system throughout the years. Better care and preventative maintenance will mean your AC system will last longer. But old age alone isn’t necessarily reason enough for get a new system. If your air conditioner is within this range and has any of the issues listed below, then it’s time for an air conditioning replacement.

  1. Inefficient

Often if your AC system is older, it will be less efficient than newer models. Despite the age of your air conditioner, if your system is constantly running without actually cooling your home very well or at all, it’s probably inefficient. In either case, inefficiency means you’ll be paying more for your utility bill than necessary. Take a look at your bills, do some research for normal costs in your area, and if your system is too inefficient, look into something newer and more efficient.

  1. Expensive repairs

With time, there will be parts of your AC system that may breakdown or need some service. For these repairs, call the professionals at Complete Heating and Air. Locally owned and family operated, you can trust them with your repair needs. That said, as your system gets older sometimes the repairs become more serious; these repairs are beyond regular maintenance and can be quite expensive. If you find yourself in a situation where the cost of a repair has you thinking a whole new system might be a better bang for your buck, you’re probably right. It’s time to consider an air conditioner replacement.

  1. Your home isn’t comfortable

If your home isn’t cool in the summertime, it’s obviously going to be a big problem for your household. You’ll probably be overheated and frustrated. If your system runs but doesn’t cool the air, there can be some serious issues that mean it’s time for an air conditioner replacement. If your system seems more humid than it should be, also it’s time for a replacement. Extra moisture in the air can mean a few things. One is leaking refrigerant which is a health risk for your family and should be fixed immediately. No cool air could mean your compressor failed, or the Freon levels are too low. If that’s the case, it’s time to move on.

Whether your system has one or all of these signs, if you have any questions regarding your air conditioning system and repairs or replacement options, give the experts at Complete Heating and Air a call.