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5 Reasons to Install Your Furnace Now


As warm weather makes its debut, furnace installation is likely to be put on the back burner for many homeowners. But just because the weather is warm, do not forget about the importance of heat — particularly if you are switching from a boiler to a furnace. Installing a new furnace in the spring rather than waiting for the cold, damp winter months has many benefits. As an added bonus, you will enjoy peace of mind come autumn knowing that your pending winter heating solution is reliable, high quality and primed to keep you cozy. Following are a few reasons to choose a spring furnace installation.

1. You could get it on sale.

Most people shop for new furnaces and boilers during the autumn and winter, so shopping during the offseason may save you money. Check your local retailers for sale items, clearance furnaces and special deals. Make the most of holiday specials, such as Memorial Day sales and Fourth of July events to save even more.

2. You can upgrade your A/C at the same time.

If you previously used a boiler for heat but want to install A/C and a furnace, you’re in luck. A furnace and A/C can share ductwork and vents, but of course a boiler and an A/C unit cannot (a boiler relies radiant heating, not ducts). If you are already upgrading your home with forced air for cooling, it makes sense to upgrade to forced heat, too.

3. You won’t be rushed.

It is easy to look over sales and rush to make a purchase when winter is coming and you’re chilly at night. Spring is also the season when many homeowners spring for boiler/furnace maintenance. If you already know you want to upgrade and replace your heating source, skip the maintenance (this time around) and get your new system installed. It’s spring cleaning on a grander scale.

4. Allergies are lurking.

A furnace that’s about to kick the bucket can stir up allergies that mimic hay fever. If red, itchy, watery eyes, a sore throat and an ill feeling have become the norm in your home, it might be due to allergens, thanks to a subpar furnace. These appliances do not last forever, and upgrading yours can lead to a big allergy relief.

5. You’re not out of the woods yet.

There is no guarantee that nothing but warm days are ahead. Spring can get chilly in some parts of the country. Do not suffer through a cool spring just because you want to wait until next winter for a new furnace. Upgrade today and segue comfortably into the warmer months.

Homeowners who need a little help finding the perfect furnace for them can call Salt Lake City’s Complete Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for all their installation and maintenance needs.