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5 Ways to Make Your HVAC Last Longer


An HVAC system is really a must for any house these days. Living without one can be pretty miserable. When your AC is down in the summer, it seems like the heat filled days drag on. And no heater in the winter leaves you with some cold nights. There is just about nothing more miserable. Avoid having your HVAC system break down when you follow some simple maintenance goals to keep it lasting longer and running stronger.

Replace filters often.

As the name implies, air filters filter your air. Because their job is to catch dust and debris, filters can get pretty filthy. When you have a dirty filter, air has to work harder to get through, making your HVAC work harder. This will not only cost you more money and energy, but it’ll wear down your HVAC system faster. Replacing a filter is an easy job—a replacement filter costs just a few dollars and only a few minutes to install. Take the time to replace your filters every few months and you’ll be grateful you did. Learn more about the benefits here.

Schedule inspections regularly.

Like any other advanced system, an HVAC should have regular inspections to ensure it’s running at high capacity. It’s generally a good idea to have your system inspected before season changes, particularly summer and winter when you will be using your system the most. Taking this sort of preventative measures could save you from spending summer days with no AC or winter night with no heating. Contact us today for an inspection!

Clean your air vents and ducts.

Air vents and ducts can easily be polluted by dust and other debris. Similarly, to your filters, when vents and ducts get dirty, your HVAC must work harder to pump air into your home. Cleaning out your vents and ducts will also bring better air quality into your home. Keeping your airways from getting clogged up will save you some money in repairs and help your HVAC to last longer.

Give your HVAC a break.

Running your HVAC 24/7 can cause it to wear down quickly. Give it a downtime once in a while—open up your windows, turn on your fans, do what you can give your system a little break. You may be able to give it a break for a few hours in the night, or during the day when you aren’t home. Just make sure it gets some downtime once in a while.

Create air circulation in your house.

Your HVAC will have an easier time circulating air through your house when you keep out any obstructions from air circulation. Give your HVAC a hand by keeping interior doors open to encourage air flow, even if you don’t use the room often. Don’t block vents with furniture or any other obstacles. Good airflow will keep your house ventilated and reduce the risk of mold and bacterial growth.