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How to Extend the Life of Your Furnace

Furnace Maintenance: How to Extend the Life of Your Furnace

With winter upon us, your furnace is working harder than usual. When it isn’t properly cared for, this extra work can wear it down quickly. Extending the life of your furnace and getting more use out of it will save you both money and time. Avoid having to deal with a cold house during the winter months with an effective and long lasting furnace. Keep your HVAC system not only running longer but running more efficiently with a few of these easy tips.

Maintenance Checks

Your furnace gets used a lot in the winter. Be sure that it’s ready for its most used season by getting a maintenance check in the fall. These maintenance checks and tune-ups will usually involve tests for carbon monoxide leaks, cleaning your filters, and checking for other potential concerns. To ensure that your furnace keeps running strong, avoid problems before they become problems with maintenance checks.

Replace Filter

Replacing your filter regularly will keep your furnace running smoothly. Many people don’t ever change this filter, which can lead to unclean air in your home and potential damage to your furnace. When your filter is backed up, your furnace has to work hard to pump air through it—using more energy and wearing down your furnace faster.

Replacing a filter is fast and cheap! You can do it yourself in no time. How often you should change your filter will depend on how many people are in your house, if you have pets, if anyone in your house has allergies, how big your house is, etc. But it is generally good practice to be replacing your filters at least every six months.

Seal Air Leaks

If there are air leaks in the line somewhere, your furnace will have to work harder to warm your home—causing it to wear out faster and use more energy. Bring down your energy bills and keep your furnace working longer by sealing any potential leaks. This also applies to your house.

If there are many air leaks to outside, which is common in older houses, then your HVAC system will have to produce more to warm or cool your house. You may need to replace old window pains and seal other leaks to prevent heated air from leaking outside.

Install Thermostat

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people either do not have a thermostat or have an outdated one. It’s much easier to keep your furnace healthy if you know how it’s operating. If you need a thermostat installed or replaced, contact a professional to ensure that it is properly done. Knowing how your furnace is operating is the first step to maintaining it.

Clean Furnace Space

Keep your furnace and its surrounding air clean to ensure that it is pumping clean air and running smoothly. A furnace can potentially be a fire hazard when it is placed around flammable things such as clothing, books, etc. Keep it clean and keep it longer.