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The Importance of Air Filters for Your HVAC

The Importance of Air Filters for Your HVAC

When was the last time you changed your home’s air filter? Do you know where it’s located? If it’s been a while, or if you don’t even know where it’s located, you’re not alone. But you are creating problems and inefficiency and cost that you simply don’t need.

Air filters are simple and easy to maintain, if only we always stayed on top of them. Part of the battle is just understanding just how critical air filters are for your HVAC unit and your home.

Today we’re sharing some of the most important reasons to keep your air filter fresh and functioning.

Important Functions of Your Home Air Filter

1. It Traps Dust.

This is a critical function of your air filter because your home can become dusty and allergy-inducing if your air filter stops working well. Dust is everywhere, of course, but a fresh air filter will trap most of it to keep your air cleaner and your surfaces less dusty. If you start noticing a furry coat on your ceiling fan blades, or a thin layer spread across your bookshelves it may be time to replace your air filter more regularly.

2. It Clears Smells.

Whether it’s from pets, smoke, or that time you made a huge pot of strong curry, pungent smells in your home only get dispelled if your HVAC system is circulating air properly. The air filter is an important part of the process, as it helps ensure the circulating air is fresh and clean.

3. It Bars Pests.

If you aren’t using an air filter, or your air filter is very old, worn, or damaged, you are opening a gate for small pests and even animals to enter your home. You may have heard horror stories about homeowners finding birds, bats, or hornet’s nests trapped in their vents. Well, a strong, new air filter can prevent that.

4. It Protects Your HVAC.

The air filter removes the grit and grime from your air, which would otherwise slow down and put a strain on your HVAC. The only problem here is that if you allow your air filter to become completely saturated with dust and grime it means your HVAC system has to work extra hard to circulate air through the blocked filter. Regularly replacing your air filter to keep it clean and functional will help your HVAC unit operate effectively and without strain. This will increase the life of your HVAC unit as well as lowering your utility bills.

Now that you understand just how critical your air filter is to your home, hopefully, your more committed to regularly replacing your air filter. Some easy ways to remember are to set up automatic orders of replacement air filters or schedule it into your calendar to change the filter every 90 days, or whatever is recommended by your manufacturer.

Changing out the air filter is very easy, and a simple internet tutorial can teach you how to do it in under a minute. If you are worried that your HVAC problems go beyond old air filters, it’s time to give Complete Heating & Air a call. We can keep your unit working in top condition for affordable prices. Talk to our experts today!