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What are the Advantages of a Smart Thermostat?


Thinking of buying a Smart Thermostat?

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I’d like more control and more efficiency when it comes to my HVAC,” you’re not alone. You may have even upgraded to a programmable thermostat which will do just that. You may have also entertained the idea of getting a smart thermostat. But what are the advantages of this new device you keep hearing about?

Smart thermostats have been increasing in popularity as of late. But what is it exactly? A smart thermostat has all the advantages of a programmable thermostat plus some! It learns your behaviors, you can control the thermostat remotely, and it can show you your energy consumption. These high-tech systems can even adjust themselves!

They’re smart

They don’t call them smart thermostats for nothing! The thing that really sets a smart thermostat apart from a programmable one is that it learns your behaviors and habits. The device will learn to anticipate what time of day you turn your HVAC up or down. If you make a temperature change, the smart thermostat will be able to tell you how long it will take to make that change.

Saving money

In theory, a smart thermostat can save you money if you take advantage of all the information and technology that comes along with it. Up front, you’ll have to factor in the cost of a smart thermostat and how that will affect your overall savings. How long will you plan to live at the home, or if you’re willing to move the smart thermostat with you are also things you need to consider. If you’re comfortable installing the smart thermostat yourself, you can save a little extra cash. If you’re not sure about self-installing, don’t hesitate to call the professional with Complete Heating and Air to give you a hand.

Saving energy

Programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature in your home at specific times of day.  A smart thermostat will also allow you to set temperatures for specific times of the day while also showing you how much energy you’re using before your bill arrives. Your energy use displays in real time and it can inform you and self adjust if, for example, you have excess humidity.  If you’re baking, the thermostat will adjust for the extra heat. These capabilities will help you save energy!

More options

A programmable thermostat can give you more options than a traditional one, and a smart thermostat goes a step above the programmable thermostat. One of the biggest advantages of the smart thermostat is the ability to control it remotely with your Smartphone. If you’re out on a snowy day and will be home sooner than you expected, you can have your home start warming up so you’re greeted with a cozy space as soon as you walk in the door!

With the smart technology, money and energy saving benefits and the amount of options available, there are many advantages to investing in a smart thermostat. If you have more questions about them, or to get one installed call Complete Heating and Air today!