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Heating and Cooling Hacks for Summer

Make Air Conditioning Repairs in Autumn

What are your go-to heating and cooling hacks, tips and tricks for summer? The pinnacle of the sweltering months has arrived, and with barbeque season in full swing, you’re probably relying on your HVAC system more than ever. Depending on where you live, summer might mean several months in a row of blasting the A/C — or it might mean really cool summer nights in which you inch your thermostat up for a comfortable night’s sleep. No matter what temperature you prefer or where you live, a perfectly working HVAC system is just one of the must-haves for summer.

Heating and cooling aren’t just for comfort — they’re also for safety. Every year people in the United States die from heatstroke, mostly among vulnerable populations (infants and the elderly). These cases are most common in hot locations where victims don’t have access to temperature-controlled environments. Here are some of the best hacks for regulating your temperature this summer for every budget and every body:

  • Get your HVAC system serviced: This should have been on your spring cleaning list, but if it slipped through the cracks, don’t worry. It’s not too late. You put the highest demands on your heating and cooling system in the summer and winter. Make sure it’s functioning flawlessly so you get the highest benefit without causing your utility bill to skyrocket.
  • Get a cross breeze: If your home features a hallway between doors on either end of your home, take advantage of it. Nothing compares to a good summer breeze, and it might be strong enough that you can give your HVAC system a rest. You’ll also get fresh air and the aroma of nearby summer gardens into the house, and it’ll encourage you, your family and your pets to play outside.
  • Regulate your temperature with a healthy diet: Cool down from the inside out by snacking on homemade juice pops, freshly squeezed lemonade, or treat yourself with a mid-day gelato or ice cream. Plus, those few seconds you’re in the freezer will be a welcome reprieve from the heat.
  • Insulate your windows: Your HVAC system could be working perfectly, but if your windows aren’t well-insulated, then it’s all for nothing. You’re basically trying to cool down the entire neighborhood, and that’s a battle you won’t win. You can upgrade to Energy Star windows, seal them, add a film for extra insulation or add window dressings to help trap cool air.
  • Let your childhood inspire you: What were your favorite ways to cool down as a kid? Maybe it was a nearby park with a fountain to play in, a slip and slide or the old-school lawn sprinkler. Icy cold water from the hose is something you never outgrow — and you don’t need to have kids to squeeze in a summer workout while cooling down running through the sprinklers.

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