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Make Air Conditioning Repairs in Autumn


Your A/C made it through summer, so is air conditioning repair really important right now? The weather is cooling off, you’ve already planned your maintenance check for your furnace or boiler (right?) and surely you can procrastinate about your A/C maintenance until next spring. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking can get you (and your bank account) into trouble. After an unseasonably hot summer, maybe you think your air conditioner did the best it could. So what if it couldn’t manage anything below 72 degrees by the end of August? That strange noise or smell surely isn’t a big deal.

Your air conditioner is a lot like you: It’s a system and a machine. It will often let you know via small complaints when something’s wrong. It’s kind of like when you ignore recurring pain or mask it with Tylenol, only to find out later that your appendix needs attention. Likewise, your air conditioner needs regular checkups in order to spot trouble early (even if you have no symptoms).

The A/C can’t wait until next spring. Here’s why now is a good time for a maintenance check:

1. The poor thing just ran a marathon:

If you’re like many of your Utah neighbors, you depended — heavily — on your air conditioner this summer. It may have been working around the clock for months. With older or cheaper systems, this can really take its toll. A quick inspection is a cost-effective way of making sure it’s holding up well.

2. There’s no line for A/C inspections and repairs:

This is the sweet spot between summer and autumn when your neighbors are focusing more on going back to school and attending harvest festivals than seeing to household tasks. This means HVAC contractors aren’t overwhelmed with requests (yet), so you can easily get an appointment.

3. You gave your utility bills a pass:

Of course your utility bills were extra high, and it’s easy to think it’s worth it when you know you’d be roasting like a deli chicken without your beloved cold air. But make sure you’re not overpaying on energy thanks to a faulty air conditioner. Keeping your appliances maintained is the best way to reduce utility bills.

4. You want to get ahead of the summer game:

You might see store displays for Halloween and even Thanksgiving decorations already, but next summer will be here before you know it. Take care of any A/C concerns now, and you’ll have one less item on your spring cleaning checklist. Plus, if it’s best to replace your air conditioner entirely, right now is a great time to score a deal on a new system, since stores need to clear out space for all those heaters.

Keeping cool requires a little effort. Call Complete Heating & Air Conditioning for a full air conditioning repair or maintenance call.