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You’re Heating and Cooling All Wrong!


It’s unfortunate, but you’re probably heating and cooling your home in an inefficient way. Bad advice has been given for years, and advice that was once good no longer applies in a smarthome world. In fact, most homeowners — especially those who live in a region with four distinct seasons, like Utah — are probably paying more than they should for heating and cooling. That’s money down the vent. Don’t let your furnace or boiler get the best of you this year during the transition to cooler weather.

Here are some of the biggest myths about heating and cooling that need to go (and what you should do instead!):

  • Every degree matters:

    • Technically that’s true, but one degree isn’t going to make a huge dent in your utility bill. It’s more important to choose a temperature that’s right for you. The National Sleep Foundation suggests a thermostat setting of 65 degrees for optimal sleep for most people.
  • Cross breezes are better:

    • If you live in a home with windows or doors that offer a cross breeze, that’s great — but only if that’s your preferred method. You can’t switch back and forth between A/C and cross breezes without losing everything you just paid for. Let’s say you used an air conditioner to maintain 67 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside. That breeze might feel good for a moment, but randomly opening windows and doors is going to make the A/C work overtime when it needs to re-cool the space all over again.
  • Wearing a shawl in summer is normal, right?

    • Americans have a problem with over-air conditioning in the summer. If you find yourself bundling up, you’re wasting your air conditioning. As long as you’re abiding by any dress codes (such as in an office), summer is the time to dress a little lighter, cooler and looser.
  • Appliances don’t really need annual inspections:

    • Wrong. They might not need annual repairs, but you won’t know without an inspection. Plus, an annual maintenance check can ensure that upkeep is maintained, that your HVAC system is in perfect working order and issues will be caught early. Something as simple as a blocked vent can lead to a fire, drastically bigger utility bills and allergens being passed around the home. Isn’t that worth a yearly checkup?
  • It’s not that hot/cold inside:

    • Unfortunately, sometimes it is, especially for vulnerable populations like infants, the elderly or those who are ill. People die of heatstroke and hypothermia every year in the United States — sometimes in their own homes.

Are you guilty of any of these faux pas? If so, you might be risking your health. You are definitely risking the health of your bank account with those high bills. Call Complete Heating & Air Conditioning for all your heating and cooling needs, starting with an inspection to make sure you are prepared to head into winter.