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What is Advantage of a HEPA Air Filter over a Traditional Filter?

by: Alex sintek

Is there an advantage of a HEPA air filter over a traditional filter? If you’re on top of your air filters and changing them

Consider These Things When Choosing a New Furnace

by: Alex sintek

Planning ahead for the worst-case scenario is often the safest bet. It’s the middle of February and the last thing you want is for

Changing an HVAC Filter

by: Alex sintek

Do you know how to change your HVAC filter? It’s incredibly easy, and a task you can certainly do yourself. How often it’s changed

New Furnace? Do This First!

by: Alex sintek

Maybe you just had a brand-new furnace installed, or maybe you’ve moved into a new house and you’re unfamiliar with your HVAC system. Make

Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner in Winter?

by: Alex sintek

Many homeowners cover their air conditioners in the off season to protect them from harsh weather, cold temperatures and falling leaves and debris. But
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