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Unique HVAC Factors in Utah


In Utah, your HVAC is a real workhorse. It keeps you warm and cozy during bone-chilling winters, cool during those hot summers and handles extreme temperature changes like a pro. Every region has unique weather, seasons and storm threats that cause HVAC systems to work overtime. However, the climate in Utah is different than — for example — the climate in Hawaii. In the tropics, homeowners likely use their A/C year-round and may not even have a heating component. In Utah, your HVAC needs may change on a daily basis.

Moving through each season, it’s easy to see why routine inspections and maintenance for your HVAC system are critical. In the winter, snowfall and freezing temperatures have you setting your thermostat to toasty. Whether you have a furnace or boiler, ensuring your heating system is maintained and energy-efficient is critical. Some Utah homeowners upgrade to radiant heat, trapping heat closer to the floor (where you need it) and avoiding the sometimes dry heat that forced air provides.

Heating Things Up

Spring in Utah can vary quite a bit. One day could mimic winter, the next summer, and those kinds of temperature shifts can wreak havoc on your utility bill. To maximize your HVAC’s efficiency, choose a moderate temperature everyone in the household can enjoy and adjust other aspects accordingly. Slip on fuzzy socks when it’s colder and shorts when it’s warmer. Make use of natural sun and cross breezes when you can, and schedule your baking for cooler days.

Utah summers can be a force to be reckoned with, especially since so many residents take advantage of the stunning outdoors. Of course, after an epic hike or cycling session, nothing is as delectable as coming home to a cool house. Marry your HVAC system with smart-home technology so you can keep temperatures moderate while you’re away and turn up the A/C when you’re on your way home. Getting the A/C component of your HVAC system checked in the spring is the best way to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Back-to-School Rules

Finally, autumn in Utah can mean Indian summers or Jack Frost rolling into town early. Now is the perfect time for a full HVAC inspection. Make sure your A/C is ready to go for next year, but also that your heating system is up for another chilly winter. Small repairs, parts replacements and maybe even considering a furnace/boiler upgrade can make the colder months a little more bearable. Plus, autumn is prime time to check your ventilation system, swap out filters and make sure no allergens or debris are in the mix.

Taking care of your HVAC system is a year-round task, but you can kick back and leave it to the professionals. Call Complete Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your autumn HVAC inspection and to get ready for cooler weather in comfort.