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Is it Too Late for Air Conditioner Installation?


It’s never too early or too late for air conditioner installation. It may be August, but there’s no telling if this will be an Indian summer or not. Maybe you powered through a dreadfully hot summer, committed to not upping your utility bills — but now you just can’t take the heat another day. Maybe your old air conditioner gave up for good a few days ago, and you tried to finish the summer without replacing it, but that’s proving impossible. Heatstroke kills many Americans every year, and it doesn’t have to be a heat wave that does the job. Air conditioners are critical not just for comfort, but for health.

Installing an A/C system in August has many upsides, starting with price. Most businesses make their big air conditioner-based bucks in May, June and even July. However, by August most people who are going to buy air conditioners this year have done so. Stores are in back-to-school/getting-ready-for-winter mode and you might be able to score a great deal on an HVAC system or window unit. Shop around, and ask your local HVAC professional about any unbelievable deals.

Timing Is Everything

August is surprisingly a month in which HVAC contractors have a more flexible schedule. They’ve already taken care of the A/C installation seasonal rush, most homeowners don’t plan so far ahead that the month is filled with furnace or boiler installations, and the big service calls are usually urgent A/C repairs. In other words, you can probably get installation quickly this time of year.

However, while you’re getting your new A/C installed, double up your appointment and have your entire HVAC system inspected. You might be relying heavily on your A/C right now, but soon enough you’ll be heating things up. Going into cooler months with a well-maintained furnace or boiler – and ventilation system – ensures you’ll be comfortable with reasonable utility bills in the winter months.

A Cool End to Summer

There’s no glory to be had in sweating out a summer in the alleged comforts of your own home. Air conditioning isn’t a luxury in many parts of the country, including Utah, it’s a necessity. Go with an Energy Stara model, and you may even get a tax credit come April. Check with your CPA for the IRS’ latest regulations on energy-efficient appliances.

Now that it’s come down to the wire, it’s tempting to grab the first A/C deal you see. However, still do your research and choose a model that fits your needs, budget and home. Call Complete Heating & Air Conditioning to get an expert opinion, and air conditioner installation that’s fast, professional and will ensure you enjoy a cool end to your summer.