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Utah’s Heating and Cooling Challenges


Are you struggling with heating and cooling in your home? Whether your problem is high utility bills or wasted energy, it’s definitely more of a challenge to achieve ideal heating and cooling efficiency in a region like Utah, as opposed to Hawaii or Southern California, where temperatures are fairly moderate year-round.

Depending on your location, you may rely heavily on both the heating and air conditioning aspects of your HVAC system, which of course means the venting is also critical. Luckily, with routine maintenance and upgrades on a scheduled basis, you can save energy, money and be more comfortable in your home.

According to USA Today, what buyers want most in a home is energy-efficient windows. You can have the best HVAC system in the world, but if you have an older home (or one that was made on the cheap with poorly insulated windows), that cooled or heated air is going to escape.

Older homes are common all over the United States, and even though that historic charmer might be your dream home, you don’t want to stick with its historic windows. Consider adding an insulating film until you can replace the windows entirely.

Utah’s for the Birds

A state renowned for natural beauty and winter recreation is bound to have a lot of vacation rentals. It’s a popular spot for winter birds, and many landlords have property in Utah. However, if you’re renting out a home to vacationers, you’re probably still in charge of paying for heating and cooling. December renters won’t think twice about cranking up the heat, especially if they’re from a warmer region or just spent the entire day skiing. The only way to save money in a situation like this is to make sure your heat stays inside, with your tenants.

Getting your furnace or boiler routinely inspected in the early autumn is the best way to conserve energy and make sure everyone in the home is comfortable. The same goes for A/C, but those maintenance checks should be done in early spring. It doesn’t matter if you’re a landlord, renter or you own the property. Living in a state with four distinct seasons and the occasional storm or severe weather episode means you need an HVAC system that’s well maintained.

Size Matters!

One of the most common causes of poor heating and cooling is using the wrong-sized system. You can’t expect an A/C system designed to cool a studio apartment to keep a sprawling ranch with vaulted ceilings cool. Don’t assume that whoever owned the home before you, or whoever installed the system, selected the right size. Ask an HVAC technician, and if you need a larger or smaller size, it might be well worth the upgrade or downgrade.

Take control of your home’s comfort. Call Complete Heating & Air Conditioning to help with your heating and cooling needs before Utah’s infamous winter weather arrives.