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Heating and Cooling During Transition Seasons

Make Air Conditioning Repairs in Autumn

Balancing your heating and cooling needs in between summer and autumn can seem like a fool’s game. Too hot during the day? Too cold at night? The transition season can have you putting your HVAC system into overdrive, which can result in excessive energy consumption, more stress on your HVAC system and higher utility bills. It’s only a few weeks, but those seasons that run both hot and cold can really put a burden on your energy budget.

Luckily, best practices can optimize your HVAC system regardless of how drastically the temperature swings. Transition seasons are the best time to schedule a heating and cooling inspection. Your A/C system just ran a marathon during the summer season and might need a few repairs and tweaks to ensure it’s in stellar shape for next summer. Your furnace or boiler has been taking a break, and (especially if you skipped your spring inspection) might not be in its best condition for the cooler months ahead. Get a professional on board, but make sure your household is committed to energy savings, too.

House Rules

Agree to a set temperature all day, which for many people can be in the upper 60s. If that’s not far from regular indoor temperatures without an HVAC system, you might be able to leave the settings 24/7 even when you’re at work. This will stop you from cranking the heat or A/C as soon as you walk in the door. An even better option is marrying smart technology with your HVAC, which allows you to program the thermostat so it is at your preferred setting when you arrive home.

It’s also critical to make sure vents are clean and clear. Unfortunately, many home builders put vents in inconvenient places, like right below windows where drapes and furniture can cover them. For both heating and cooling, you need clean vents and filters. Filters should be swapped at least every six months, and perhaps more often, depending on your usage.

How Low Can You Go?

Ideally, you’re aiming for a similar energy bill throughout the year. However, if you notice utility spikes heading into autumn, you’re not alone. To keep cool during an Indian summer, optimize cross breezes whenever possible and give your A/C a break. Snack on cold treats, dress in lighter clothing when indoors and utilize blinds to filter out sunlight that can heat up a room.

If it’s cranking the heat that has you in trouble, bundle up. Bake more, which can naturally heat a home (and your family, from the belly out). Optimize sunlight, which brightens rooms, gives you a little extra vitamin D and can help keep homes warm. Upgrading your insulation, doors and windows can also drastically reduce energy consumption and help out your entire HVAC system. For more tips, contact Complete Heating & Air Conditioning during this transitional season and enjoy an optimized heating and cooling solution.